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What is GAPS ?

Our digestive system holds the roots of our health and the various GAPS™ conditions stem from an unhealthy gut or digestive system, which in turn affects the health of the rest of the body.


GAPS™ stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome or Gut and Physiology Syndrome. Often the symptoms from both GAP Syndromes overlap, so people with digestive symptoms or inflammatory conditions and auto-immunity can often have symptoms of anxiety and depression, and those with mental health and emotional symptoms will also suffer from physical symptoms.


When the digestive system is unwell instead of being a source of nourishment it becomes a major source of toxicity in the body. We see many systems of the body experiencing stress and fatigue simultaneously and often there are diverse symptoms that can seem unrelated.

My Gut Store | GAPS

"All disease begins in the gut!"

-Hippocrates, 460-370 BC
My Gut Store | GAPS


When we work to restore health to the gut and the bacterial profile of the body, the symptoms experienced across many systems of the body all start to improve. Your digestive system starts to work as a source of nutrition, and we watch the body do what it is meant to – heal itself.


When Belle works with patients, she likes to come from a place of education so you can feel empowered in your journey back to health. Once there is understanding and knowledge the journey becomes yours and Belle is here to support, to teach, and to hold you accountable along way.


This is the key to get back your MOJO and get back your life.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Start your healing journey

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