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Gut Health & GAPS

Gut health is all the rage - but what is it & what does it mean for you?


We have discovered that we are 90% bacterial colonies. A good healthy robust bacterial colony is required to host a healthy human. Without this the systems of our body will not be able to work to their optimal capacity and slowly but surely become undernourished and fatigued.


Belle will work with you so you can discover the ways to improve your colonies and the environment in which they prefer to thrive. You will be educated as to the hows and whys of your current  health, and be guided with a map to see you back to your health space so that you can live your healthiest happiest life.


Belle does this by sharing recipes, food choices, teaching you how to cook and showing you the methods of preparing food to optimise your health. You will be helped along with meal plans and guides to make the transition easy.


Belle also runs 1:1 and group cooking classes on the basics and principles of cooking for gut health and therefore a healthy lifestyle so you will feel nourished and joyful about your food choices. Once you realise healthy living is about scrumptious and abundant food around you it becomes so easy to make good choices.

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My Gut Store | Workshops

There are also seasonal fermenting workshops where you can play with the fermentation of your favourite foods to create variety and compliance around incorporating gut friendly probiotic foods into your meals daily. Through summer Belle runs a fermented drinks workshop so you know how to keep cool on those hot days and take care of your gut at the same time.


It’s essential to get your gut health right - asap. Before conception, for your kids once they are eating solids, for your extended family, for your community, and most of all for you. This is the gold we used to have passed down through the matriarchy of the family and community when women sat in circle and supported each other through every part of life.  


This is THE most important journey for the health of the world. The joys of holding the family, community and world we live in is all run by women - and so the health of women is paramount to keeping our world progressing forward.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Gut Health Appointments

In-person Mullumbimby Clinic

Appointment via Zoom

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