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Herbal Medicine Help 

People can become sick initially  from any aspect of themselves whether physical, emotional or circumstantial. Once part of them is in dis-harmony it’s not long before all of them is feeling the effects of dis-ease.


You will feel the safety of the space Belle holds for you to tell your story and feel completely heard. Belle then makes up your individual blend of medicine made up of herbs and Bach Flowers to treat the whole of you specific to your current picture and set of circumstances. 


This unique opportunity to hear your story and treat your illness is something Belle considers an absolute privilege as it’s quite an intimate and vulnerable space you spend together.

Belle Eder | Herbalist
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Herbal Medicine is used for acute illness and can have remarkable results working with your body to boost it’s ability to fend off invading pathogens in circumstances like virus, respiratory illness or acute pathology causing acute symptoms such as cystitis. Well blended herbs can have an immediate and lasting response to these illnesses.


Herbal Medicine is also used for longer term chronic inflammatory conditions, and to support the body through the detoxification which is inherently part of the gut health journey.


Belle finds working with nutrition to support the journey to improve your gut and bacterial health when accompanied with the incredible support for the eliminatory systems of the body through the use of Herbal Medicine and invaluable combination.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Herbal Medicine Appointments

In-person Mullumbimby Clinic

Appointment via Zoom

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