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What is Herbal Medicine ?

Plant medicines are concentrated nutrition from nature and are used to assist the body in its innate wisdom to overcome dis-ease by supporting the systems of the body. They bring to the body a force which stimulates energy production and helps to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, combat stress, and promote vitality.


Any part of a person can start the process of dis-ease. The physical, emotional and current or past circumstances all play a part, and eventually all aspects will be in dis-harmony.

Classical Herbal Medicine is the art of listening and observing, then blending a unique combination of herbs as medicine for that person. It has been practiced for over 4000 years and working with these principles we match the individual with their own personalised blend of herbs to support their current dis-harmony.

Bottles of Essential Oil

"Observe your patient – the story of his illness is written somewhere on the man"

-Hippocrates, 460-370 BC
Dropper bottle of bach flower essence on wooden background with blossoms.jpg

Bach Flowers

Add Bach Flowers to this blend and you support the current and past emotional picture, life circumstances and experiential traumas,  so all aspects of the person are being treated with one bottle of medicine.


This magic works for both chronic and acute conditions. So, whether working with you to get over a short term acute illness, or cleaning up and clearing out as part of a long term chronic health picture you are always supported by your own personal blend of herbal medicine.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Start your healing journey

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